August 29. Runner’s diary

Dear diary, today is August 29, and it seems that we end the summer, thunder, lightning, fresh atmosphere, and all this in addition accompanied by a persistent rain. Then the first question arises, I go out to run?. Is it going to be worth it?. The first is to address…

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Cocoa energetic balls

The cocoa energetic balls, born with the need to replenish forces during races, and the premise of not wanting to spend a lot of money on energy supplements. I decided to look for some home food supplement recipe. And if it also gave me the energy to run better. I…

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Matalpino Pedriza Anterior, an incredible path

The title of this route as you could have guessed, is obtained from the site from which the path leaves and the place through which it runs. Matalpino Pedriza Anterior, is in summary, a route that leaves of Matalpino, to enter in the Pedriza Anterior, and return again to Matalpino.…

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