Next races June, July and August 2016

Next RacesNow we head into the summer without destruction, those hot months that somebody love, and that annoy others. And it can not be otherwise in these months, there are also races, so I had to show the next races in the Sierra de Guadarrama and surroundings. As indicated by the title, next races. June, July and August, I continue to show a lot of summer races.

The hot will be the star in the races of these months, or at least that is the natural thing, so prepared, ready and as we always say, prepare cards, slippers, and diarys, we have races.

From 30/05 to 05/06

On June 04, in El Espinar and with distances of 5 Km, we have the Legua del Espinar. More Information.

On June 04, in Riaza, the III Riaza Trail Challenge, with distances of 60, 40, 20 y 11 km to finish. More information.

On June 04, in Talamanca del Jarama, we have the third edition of the Talamanca Trail, with distances of 21 and 10 km. More information.

On June 05, in Sotalbo and with distances of 22 Km and 13 Km the Cross del Castillo, we have the VI Carrera Pico Zapatero. More Information.

On June 05, in the Barranca, we have the Kilómetro Vertical de la Barranca. More information.

From 06/06 to 12/06

On June 11, in Cercedilla we have the XV Cross Alpino del Telégrafo, and over 17 Km. More Information.

On June 11, in Lozoya starts the TW Madrid 2016 Oxfam Trailwalker over a distance of 100 km and discurring by the Valle de Lozoya and the Sierra Norte. More Information.

On June 11, in la Cabrera the VII Carrera Popular de la Cabrera over distances of 15 and 5 Km. More Information.

On June 11, in Hoyos del Espino the Legua Castellana de Abades. More information.

On June 11, in Abades we have the Hoyos del Espino the VI Media Maratón por la Naturaleza, over 21 km. More information.

On June 12, in Cercedilla we have the XX Alpino Madrileño over 46 Km. More Information.

On June 12, in Segovia we have the Monumentrail over 16.8 km and 10.4 km. More information.

From 13/06 to 19/06

On June 18, in Navalacruz, we have the X Carrera Popular Cantobolero. More Information.

On June 18, in Torreiglesias, we have the V Carrera Pedestre La Pirona, over 13 km. More information.

On June 18, in Collado Mediano, we have the Miaccum Night Trail, over 13 km. More information.

On June 19, in San Lorenzo del Escorial, the XV Media Maratón de San Lorenzo del Escorial. More Information.

From 20/06 to 26/06

The days 24,25 and 26 of June, in Navacerrada, we have the VII Gran Trail de Peñalara, with Night Races of 11,8 Km and races over distances of 114, 80, 60 Km. More Information.

From 27/06 to 03/07

On July 02, in San Agustín de Guadalix, and with 7 km of obstacles to finish, the Survivor Race. More information.

On  July 02, in Aguilafuente we have the Legua Castellana de Aguilafuente. More information.

From 04/07 to 10/07

On July 10, in Navacerrada, we have the IV Triatlon Bola del Mundo. More information.

From 11/07 to 17/07

On July 15, in Manzanares del real, and belonging to the circuit “Madrid se Mueve por Madrid”. More information.

On July 16, in La Aldehuela the II Carrera de Montaña los Anejos, with 14 and 7 km . More information.


On July 16, in El Escorial, the race Rock & Run, over 7.777 km . More information.

On July 16, in Fuenterrebollo we have the IV Popular race “Run to Terreña”over 10 Km. More information.

On July 16, in Valdpeñas de la Sierra, and over distances of 37, 21 and 12 Km we have the Andrómeda Trail. More information

From 18/07 to 24/07

On July 23, in La Zarza we have the Gran Trail de los Asperones with an Alpine Marathon and a Vertical Kilometer. More information.

On July 23, in Mozoncillo we have the Legua Castellana de Mozoncillo . More information

From 25/07 to 31/07

On July 30, in El Arenal we have the XVI carrera Popular de El Arenal over 8,3 Km. More information.

From 01/08 to 07/08

On August 06, in Poyales del Hoyo we have the I carrera del Higo over 8 and 4 Km. More information.

On August 07, in Los Molinos, we have la subida a la Virgen del Espino. More information.

From 08/08 to  14/08

From 15/08 to 21/08

On August 21, in Navalafuente, we have the I Maratón Sierra norte, over 42 y 21 Km. More information.

From 22/08 to 28/08

On August 25, in Cerceda, we have the XXXIX Carrera Popular villa de Cerceda, over 15 Km. More information.

From 29/08 to 4/09

On September 04, in Miraflores, the III Kilómetro Vertical de la Najarra over 5 km. More information.

If we know of any race over the post or if someone finds out some more, you let us know.

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