Next races. November and December

Next racesWe are getting closer to winter, and we have the last races of the Fall, and we approach the first races from Winter as long as the rigors of the same, allowing us to run. And we have all the Christmas races celebrated in the month of December.

Well, without further delay let’s take a look at the next races in the Sierra de Guadarrama during the months of November and December, but we are going to try to updating, since in this dates, are added a lot of Christmas races.

Also we try to post a link to the rankings of the races.

From 26/10 to 01/11

On November 1 we have  in Robledillo de la Jara the Desafio Robledillo, about 12, 23 and 35 Km. More information

From 02/11 to 08/11

From 09/11 to 15/11

On November 15 we have in El Escorial, el Cross del Escoria. The Club las Ardillas organizes it over a distance of about 9 km. More information

On November 15 we have in La Granja de san Ildefonso, el duatlon de Montaña del Real Sitio. Más Información

From 16/11 to 22/12

From 23/11 to 29/11

On November 28, we could have in Moralzarzal the MoralTrail, over 9 y 17 Km and the la Vertical Explosion. More information

From 30/11 to 6/12

From 7/12 to 13/12

On December 13, in Cercedilla we have the Carrera de Navidad de Cercedilla, over 14Km. More information

From 14/12 to 20/12

On Diciembre 19, in Hoyo de Manzanares the III Carrera Solidaria de Navidad de Hoyo, we dont’ have more information, but other years is over this dates. More information

On Diciembre 19, in Moralzarzal, other years we have la carrera de Navidad, this year we don’t have any information. More information

On December 20, in Patones, the VII Cross de Patones over 12 Km. More information

From 21/12 to 27/12

On December 26, the V San Silvestre del Boalo, always is over this dates, but this year we don’t have confirmation.

On December 26, the San Silvestre Trail de Pedrezuela, over 18 Km. More information

From 28/12 to 31/12

On December 31, the III San Silvestre of Collado Villalba, over 7 Km. More information

If we know of any race over the post or if someone finds out some more, you let us know

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