3 Melgaço Alvarinho Trail

Alvarinho TrailToday I bring you a race that is in May, there is still time, but so that you are preparing the schedules, and planning your trip. The race that I speak is celebrated on May 21 in Portugal, in the town of Melgaço, and is the 3rd Edition of the Alvarinho Trail Melgaço, or as the Portuguese say the 3rd Melgaço Alvarinho Trail.

This is a competition prepared for the whole family, with the possibility of participating in several different competitions. A 14 km walk, and within the competition, a Short Trail of 17 km, another Long of 28 km and the Ultra Trail of 48 km. So as you can see, it has distances for the whole family, from who wants to take a walk enjoying the surroundings, to want to know Melgaço at full speed.

The trail is celebrated in Melgaço, a Portuguese village of the District of Viana do Castelo, as curiosity, is the most northern municipality of the country.

The race will be scoring for the National Championship of the association of Trail Running of Portugal, the ATRP, the Associaçao de Trail Running de Portugal.

Every athlete who finishes the race in which he is registered, will have a prize of Finalist, identifying the race in which he has participated. You will also have individual prizes per category and per team

So you know, close to Galicia, so much so that some Galician runner can get around jogging to get warm. And if you are near, you have a while, and you want to run through Portugal, within an enviable landscapes, approach Melgaço

More information and inscriptions.

In case you want to meet Melgaço, and take an Alvarinho I leave you a video.

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