Lost motivation

motivationNow for some people, summer ends, but certainly for someone else now begins well-deserved vacation, it’s time to race again, if for those who have taken a long summer break, perhaps it is difficult to run again.

Sometimes it is true that after the summer months, which was a little disconnexion, has gotten out of hand, and it is to think about jogging it is very hard, we always find an excuse to our little run, if it’s hot, that if it’s cooler, that if I’m going to for a few beers, I’ll go tomorrow, but they are just that, excuses.

Therefore perhaps returning from vacation, we need something to regain that lost motivation, no, some people I know that does not make you miss, you follow, with your series, outputs of 100 km, riding 35 km, flartek, but maybe if there are others who need a little motivation, and wonder where do I find ?, you buy in the supermarket next to the back to school ?. Back to school, back to run ….

Well, if i knew the exact method of recovering the motivation, I would rich probably selling, but since that’s not my case, I’ll have to settle for some guidelines to try to regain that optimism.

The first is to regain normalcy in the day, back to routines, and that loss routine, also influences our lower motivation to go running because we haven’t the same schedule, then we do not go to running at the same time we found before, we cost more inured to these new times, … I think once recovered the routine of everyday life, it is already a major step given.

motivationBut there are times when this is not worth anything, or maybe just need a little more motivation, and that the find as simple as moving up from the chair, and begin to run, if sometimes this is really the only reactivation we need after the summer, get moving, after those first steps, comes the joy of running, and so step by step, we will enter the restlessness, giving us the motivation we had lost, and leaving already thinking about the next day we will go running.

But it may be that even then, we aren’t still motivated to start running, . Do not worry, we go to plan B, it is very simple, it is seeking objectives, since when have targets, maybe we got to get that motivation, it is seeking objectives, of whatever kind, this year I want reduce my time in such run, or simply want to run more kilometers, or climb such a mountain, or what you will, but look for a goal that motivates you.

But you might want to not go running, or else just go for a walk, sure worth, go, that sensations will arrive then, and after the wanted to run, sure as well, but the important thing is the good summer sure you’ve gone

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