Running in Autumn

Running in AutumnWhen running becomes a hobby, you run in every season, Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. And once the summer is over, we go into the next season, the Fall, it is normal that Autumn is a time of year when running becomes a pleasure.

Why run in Fall consider it a pleasure?, as it is often synonymous with cooler temperatures, once we leave behind the rigors of summer, it did suffer us extreme temperatures, we go deeper in the Fall, where the days shorten, and temperatures are softening.

Fall is also the season to enjoy color from pine’s green, fir and other evergreen trees until every imaginable shade of yellow, orange and red of the trees saying goodbay to its leaves. In the mountain landscapes will become increasingly ocher, but it not lost beauty, and we can appreciate in all its beauty as we travel the paths treading a carpet of leaves.

In this season we can still run in lightweight clothing, as temperatures are still pleasant, according to advance the fall, putting layers go as we begin to feel the cold. But do not worry, they are not the harsh winter, it’s just the cooler that we will stick after leaving Summer.

This it would be normal running in Autumn, so we will not heed these days we are accompanying this year, with more typical summer temperatures that Fall.

otonioThis season is a good time to explore new paths, get away from the usual routes, and try to open your eyes to new experiences and paths to discover, allowing us to see the explosion of color of the field, and with a little luck, a lot of roughly wild animals.

Fall due to the pleasant temperature, is also a good time to try to complete the first race you’ve ever dared, as it is the time of year when we started so good intentions, I’ll start running, I’ll lose weight I’ll walk, I’ll finish a race.

But of course all these good intentions can go declining as the fall progresses, because:

  • shorten the days, and come the doubts, How am I going to go running at night, if there is no light?. Well we can always make an effort and less time running out, even a little, but not to lose the habit.
  • Start the first autumn rains, and new doubts come, I will wet!, if it’s raining, better leave it until spring. Well truth is run while raining run can be annoying, but i dont’t say we can go out for a run with a crazy time, but protected (as we mentioned in another post), you can always run.
  • Running in AutumnAfter the Fall, will arrive cold, you go to ran and you froozed, so again the apologies, better I’ll go one day not so cold, the weekend I can go running with the sun high, for we must avoid those thoughts and be optimistic, it’s cold, I warm, and then when I get home I’ll give you a warm little shower. You’ll see that taste.

But still we have to be strong and defeat all the obstacles that are put forward, and start running, catching the taste to fall, with its cool, its mists, its hour.

Since it is also time to release, all the houses and take their new outfits Autumn, to run well dressed and with fashion, so if you are afashion person, and fashion calls you, you know, the Fall It is also a good season to premiere outfit and running.



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