Running on the beach

Beach runningThese days of Easter, I have been vacationing on the beach, and I could see firsthand what is running on the beach, and at this time in which the cold even squeezes in my home town, and I think still it will continue for a few days.

The first day I decided to go running on the beach, I surprised me a lot, I got up early, at 7:30 I was going to run, and I don’t see any clouds, no cold, no rain, the only water I saw was the sea. So my decision to leave in short-sleeved shirt and shorts could not be more successful.

Then I realized the first big difference between running in my house and on the beach, especially if the beach is in the Mediterranean, it was the waether, at home at that hour and in March, the cold will usually accompany me, but here it was more a feeling of a pleasant temperature which accompanied me all the way.

So I will now give you a widespread of advice.


Beach runningYou can decide that you are running barefoot or with shoes, but always in case and if you do not know the beach take the shoes with you, as there are beaches that have all kinds of stones, and prepared to cause any cut or injury in our plants foot

Sand type

If what we found on the beach is fine sand or soft sand that in which you sink easily, the run will be much more complicated, and to take every foot of the sand will cause an extra effort, and therefore the work done during the run, it will be higher than on a normal surface, and we can charge lower body. Sometimes on this surface, it is preferable to barefoot running, since the loose sand, can be quite annoying

If this costs a lot, you can always find the wet sand of the shore, where the waves are breaking, and run over her, and because you don’t sink, it will be a much easier run, and more like what you’re used to. And if you run barefoot, you’re feeling like water caresses running.

Time to run

Beach runningI always prefer run early so you can have the rest of the day to enjoy the beach with family, knowing the place if you’re on vacation,… Also I do it for the hot hours, and the more crowded beach people …. But maybe you prefer to run at later hours, with the highest sun, then do not forget a good sunscreen, because the sun is always there, waiting to caress our skin with its powerful rays. But you run at sunrise or dusk, you don’t close your eyes to the spectacle of the sunrise or sunset, and I can assure you that every day will be different.


Another wonder of running on the beach, it’s music, that background music, then we hear perfectly without problems. We get to run, and at the same time we step on the beach, starts playing music, waves, the soft sound of the wind, and all spiced with the singing of seagulls. Are you thinking in a better soundtrack to run?

Beach runningAnd of course, always wear your swimsuit prepared, or clothing that will allow swim in the sea at the end of run, because though you don’t had thought, probably after a little run along the beach, you were will crave give a swim, or even moisten the feet.

And after this short break, it’s moment to say goodbye to the beach to return back to our jobs, and our cities, towns, or where we live, but always away from the beach. Therefore surely we leave a little bit of our heart chained to the beach, to return sooner or later retrieve it.

Remind you that at any time I’m trying to say whether it is good or bad run along the beach, and it will have been professionals who analyze the tread, and potential problems or benefits from the sand and sea. I just commented as I enjoyed running along the beach, and I encourage you to try it. wink


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