The day before a competition

the day before a competitionThe day before a competition is an important day, so we have to face it in a different way usual day to day. This applies to professional runners as well as popular. Although really a high percentage of amateur runners, continues with his normal life, the day before a competition, or is the day to go to work, which often coincides with the day before a competition. 

The first is the previous excitement, you know that tomorrow you have the race that how long you expected, this race that you never should’ve signed, it also happens sometimes, but it is already there, just one day left for the big day, and it smells shoe in the environment, it also smells after running, but is sweating.

the day before a competitionThe next is if you’re cautious view the weather is going to do, and prepare clothes for the the next day race, if it will rain take rain gear, or it’s going to be a cold or hot day, is say leave all the clothes already prepared, as well as clothes to change after the race, or if you’re going to take a shower you need, in other words, have the suitcase ready for race day. And especially don’t use for the first time clothes or shoes the day of a race.

They say you should drink water twice a day before a race, and if you fear dehydration or will be very hot, drink it with salt , because salt helps the body to retain fluids. 

Relax the day before, to keep the body as fresh as possible, some people feel like doing a gentle jog the day before, but sometimes it’s impossible, family, and the time you want to devote to it, then not do anything, it is very difficult.

Eat carbs and avoid fats and alcohol, that is, do not partys last night.

If you do not know the route, at least you see a map and altimetry of it to not take any nasty surprises, or pleasant surprises, anything can happen.

the day before a competition

Go to bed early the night before, to have a rest, meaning that if you have a newborn baby at home, good to enjoy the race the next day. And above all, remember to set the alarm clock the night before, then a race is ruined by any nonsense.

And above all, do not forget to put a load your gps / heart rate monitor, which then come the day of the race, you put it on, you turn it on, …. and will not turn on.

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