Short Tenth Multisport

short TenthSome time ago I bought a pair of shorts in Decimas, and we had not yet decided to write some comments about them. But finally the moment arrived.

So after 200 km of use of short Tenth Multisport, we turn to mention to our feelings based on experience of its use than does not have to agree 100% with your feelings when you use it, but at least you may be able to serve to an idea of ​​what you may come across.

Short TenthAs for comfort short i define them as comfortable enough, take in the waist area cords to adjust to it, without necessarily bother the smallest cords along the race.

Short TenthIt also has a small pocket on the lower back, with a rack to take things in a more secure manner. This is one of the few things that has not convinced us, the little space to carry things, it is also true that they are shorts that are advertised as Multisport, then no indications that are specific to running. So this little room, is perfect for carrying keys, or a gel, or stick. If you need more space for a longer run, we may dispose of it, with an extra bag, which also allowed to carry liquids, or other elements. So the bearing pocket is perfect for its function.

He carries an inner slip, I must admit that we have not used, because in each of the runs we have done, we have taken our independent underwear and tights. It is perhaps also something that oddity, which came with tights, like shorts of many other brands, on the issue of compression, perspiration, …. But if you want tights, those you can put it under the shorts, as we have done.

Short TenthThere are two rubber bands in the lower back, which I did not find much sense, because even the tried using to put a bottle, with the vibrations of the race, the bottle ends up falling, although as I mentioned earlier we can always take a backpack or belt hydration.

cross nocturno de NavacerradaIt has some reflective elements to running at night, and have greater visibility.

In our longer runs with them, about 20 Km, we have not suffered any type of rash is also true that we had under the shorts the tights, but still we have not proven anything annoying, in the race. Nor we have had to complain accumulation of sweat, and given the temperatures of recent days, it is also appreciated.

So from our point of view, fully we recommend for their value, because for a very low price you can get a pretty decent shorts for running.

You can always find more information or buy it online at this link

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