Interview to Mike Wardian

Mike WardianGood morning Michael, the more important thing for our readers it’s to known Who is Mike Wardian?

I am an endurance athlete with a passion for exploring my limits and then shattering them.

What moment of your life do you decide to start running?

I decided start running my junior year of college when I stopped playing a sport called laccrosse.

And when do you plan to stop?

I don’t ever want to stop running and exploring.

Which differences do you find between race in the mountains and the asphalt?

The difference between races in the mountains and on asphalt is the amount of stuff you need for mountain races.  You have to be ready to carry gear, emergency kit, etc…on roads, it is much simpler but both are fun and I enjoy them in their own way.

I think you do not dedicate to running 100%, you also have another job, right?

I work full time as an international ship broker in Washington, DC moving humanitarian food aid cargo for large ocean going vessels.

Where do you find the time to be able to combine hobby and work?

I make the time to be a professional runner on top of working full time, having a young family, coaching and consulting.

Mike WardianAnd family ?, Do you have time for them?

I have a family with my wife Jennifer and our boys, Pierce (10 year old) and Grant (8 years old) and our dog Rosie (3 years old).  I always have time for my family and I love sharing the world with them.

How do you think your family takes your hobby to run?

I think my family is super supportive of my running and they enjoy going to all the races and different places because of it.

I said hobby, but to run, it’s a hobby or a job for you?

I would say that running is profession for me as I take my running super seriously but I also have my International Ship Brokering job first which makes running important but not my main job.

And why long distances?

I like all distances, but long distances tend to be where I can explore my abilities deeper and I love moving for long periods and seeing just what I am made of.

Mike WardianDo you have some ritual before the races?

I like lay out all my kit before a race to make sure I have everything but also to mentally be ready for the adventure ahead.

And after?

After a race I love moving, just easy movement by walking or jogging I think it helps me recover.  I also like to eat.

Wich is the maximum number of races you could have run in a year?

I think the most races I have done in a year is about 53 races..think year I am close think I am at 46 races done so getting close to that.

In some moment of your life are you tired?

I definitely get tired and my wife and kids would say that anytime we are watching a movie I will probably fall asleep..

You probably have had good and bad moments, wich is the best moment of these years?

I have had so many incredible moments, the best tend to involve representing my country at the 50K or 100K World Championships or being a part of a team of some sort.  I value all the experiences I have had and I hope to keep making memories for years to come.

Mike WardianWhat about the worst?

Oh, I have had some epic failures, from dropping out of races with chaffing to puking for 12 hours straight but each of those moments has shaped me and I have learned and grown and I love those bad patches as they are what I am hoping to find and overcome during these events and adventures.

I see than you have a lot of world records, which is your favorite?

I think one of my favorite world record was with Pierce our oldest son in the jog stroller because it combined family and what I love and I try to do that to this day.

And this year 2017, are you going to surprise us with something?, some new record or anything?

2017 is going to be unbelievable, I thought 2016 was cool but 2017 will start with the “World Marathon Challenge” which is 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days in January and then in February, our family will travel to New Zealand for the Tarawera 100K,  Might put in for the Barkley Marathons in April and then planning to Run the Boston Marathon and Big Sur Marathon, heading to Australia for the Ultra Trail Australia 100K in May, and maybe the Comrades Marathon in South Africa in June and the Western States 100 Miler and then just got into the Hardrock 100 Miler in July and I hope to have the chance to do the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc in August…I have a lot more for sure as just found out on Hardrock so shifted schedule a bit but always up for fun adventures, races so if you know of any let me know..I will post my schedule on my website:, when finalized

Now a series of short questions

Mike WardianYour favorite Race?

I have so many but if I had to choose one, the Boston Marathon it is an amazing event but also the whole reason I got into to running was to run the Boston Marathon just once.

A book?

Ready Player One…by Ernest Cline

A drink


A food

Almond Butter

Mike WardianA runner  which you admire above all

Marco Olmo for trails and Yuki Kawauchi for roads.

Your favorite opponent

The person next to me during a race…if I had to choose just one person I like racing Jason Schlarb.

A song

Peace Frog – Doors

A dream

Anything with my family in it.

Mike WardianAnd your dream victory?

Olympic Marathon.

A movie

Lost in Translation

A race you never run but you want to run it

The Hardrock 100 Miler but I got in for 2017 and super excited.

Your more longest race

Spartathlon but longest races I ever finished was Badwater in 2011.

And the shortest

1 Mile

Mike WardianAnd The strangest race you’ve run?

Eiffel Tour Run up…lots of tricks to be a good stair runner and I didn’t have any but I loved it.

Now we have a question for you from Scotty Hawker our last interviewed

What is your favourite race you’ve done? Road or trails?

The Boston Marathon, it was reason I got into running and has allowed me to explore the world.  I love running on roads and trails I don’t have a preference.


What’s your number one recovery tip?

Keep moving.

Thank you so much for all the time you could dedicate us Mike, and we left you two small gifts, in digital format one, and the other by handmade.

Mike Wardian


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