Interview to Pau Capell Gil

Entrevista a Pau CapellGood morning Pau, first thank you for your time and this interview, and we want than you present to our readers, so who is Pau Capell?

I am an industrial engineer but now i have my own company, Privylife. I am 24 years old and live in Sant Boi de Llobregat, on the Catalan coast. I like to run and enjoy running long distances. In 2014, in my first year in the UltraTrails, I could win the Liga Catalana de Carreras de Ultra Resistencia and last year, in 2015, I won the Spain Ultra Cup, where I can win the 4 UltraTrails where I participated: Transgrancanaria Advanced, Mallorca Ultra Trail, Volta a la Cerdanya y Ultra Sierra Nevada. I am currently competing in the Ultra Trail World Tour, especially enjoying and learning a lot.

When you decide to start running trails and why?

I broke the cruciate and meniscus of my left leg playing futsal when I was 20 years old. During recovery I only thought in walk again, and consequently run. During the recovery period they recommended me mountain run, never before I had done, so I went out one day … until today!

Pau CapellWhen Pau Capell is not running, what would you like to do?

Unfortunately I can not always run, I can not work running. I do not train when I’m working, and when I do not work I’m enjoying my partner, friends and break away living day to day. I really like living intensely, I can not just sit on the couch wasting time, I’m hyperactive in that regard.

Is it difficult to try to reconcile the world of racing, training, etc with a normal life?

Not actually. I can combine it well when I am in control of my own timeow, I have no problems with it, but it is true that I have to be strict in my schedule. There are days I prefer to train in the morning, so KI have to work in the evening. Most importantly, be strict with yourself, then don’t worry about nothing

Where did you find time to train?

Time, unfortunately, is the most precious thing we have. Depending on day I try to get up early and get hours of sleep, especially on weekends; and during the week the time I get it of my family and partner. Luckily they support me on this and I have always felt their support when the daylight hours have been falling over training.

And family and friends, get along this, or you have to do some juggling to keep everyone happy?

It along. What I have clear is that it is a sport that I share it with them, not only I run myself. In races and everyday I feel his support and that is vital to continue training and enjoying. The day than training and travel requirements interfere with my family, then we’ll look at it from another point of view. As we say in my house, “first things first” (in this case the family)

Pau CapellIn the world of mountain running, every time there is more top runners, costs much stay in the elite?

Is the most normal thing in the world. Over the years each sport has evolved, most for the better, and this is the case of mountain races. There had better be good runners ahead because that requires make an effort to be among the top, and that’s an extra motivation

What do you prefer, be many years among the best, or just enjoy many years running?, because sometimes we forget to enjoy our obsession with the results right?

Luckily I run because I like to run and is the basis of everything I do. If I wake up tomorrow and I like more another sport and that is my passion, then I’ll do another sport. We do not earn a living with it, so enjoy is the foundation of any effort!

If last year was a good year of competition, how do you describe this, better?

Better! Last year I got the Ultra Cup Spain but this year I tried to make a step further and so far has gone very well. I started in Hong Kong near of the podium (4th) against the world elite and that was spectacular. After the Transgrancanaria I got the podium and was an immense feeling, I felt privileged. Later I went to Australia and won the Ultratrail, there I got to daydreaming !! 1 month and a half ago I was 6th in the Lavaredo Ultratrail, a very good result; and a couple of days ago I won the UTMB TDS – Ultra Trail du Montblanc. Currently I’m 2nd in the Ultra Trail World Tour, unthinkable earlier this year.

Pau CapellIs this year fulfilling your expectations?

Yes, this is being a good year the truth

What are your plans for the remainder of the season?

At the end of September I will run the Ultra Pirineu, another test that I feel like it.

Within a few years, where do you expect to stay?

Uff … I focus on today and tomorrow and see what happens. I just hope one thing, being with the people I love today.

In racing I guess not all are joys, that sometimes you also have sorrows, what is the worst memory you have of these years?

The worst memory is in Madeira this year. I wanted to go to run the Ultra Trail Madeira, which also entered into the World Tour, and decided to stop in the 5th hour. My mind was set in Australia, that I would run 3 weeks later, and I’ve always said that if you do not enjoy, pull out. It was a hard time because your mind wins a battle that never want to lose.

And the best?, I guess good memories, you’ll have a few.

The best? The entry this year in the victory of the TDS. People in goal, a night finish savoring this victory, surrounded by people and my partner in the background jumping for joy. I enjoyed it, I took my time to cross the finish because this happens once in life. It was a very strong feeling and where we live one of the most intense seconds of my life

Taboo for any athlete, injuries. Does it respect you, are you prone to pain?

At the moment it respect me, but better not say very tall but the opposite happens. You need to exercise to avoid injury and others, so it is a part that I try to work a little harder

Pau CapellThe day and the hours before a competition, how do you live?

It depends on the competition. If the preparation has been very specific there are nerves because expectations are high, but there are other competitions where you go for the sole purpose of enjoying, then the nerves disappear. In World Tour competitions, for me, the worst moment I live it 3 hours before when I start to dress and prepare.

And once it is over, how do you recover ?, some off until the next competition

The day after the race I do nothing, just drink well and eat healthy. I try to disconnect the week after with softer workouts and not until three days after the competition to start running. It also goes well to have a clear mind and enjoy the moment with your family.

How is the start of a race when you have chances to win (something I’ve always wanted to feel hehe), nervous, or you forget about it and go out to do your best?

Nerves are on edge and is a rare feeling, because you want to give everything but cautiously. They are very long races and head should be. The first km are important to place you in your site, you stay comfortable, and once you have everything under control begins the race

Pau Capellpopular runner, would you recommend it a coach or continue alone doing kilometers looking for their self-improvement?

I have always recommended that runners have a coach, and if Laia Diez best. Laia is my coach for 2 years and has helped me to find the balance between training and competition. It is also important mentally, in the worst moments or times of comedown, we have that external motivation of a professional in the sport to see that things are not as bad as one imagines. With coach can improve a lot and after a while, yes, you can self-improvement.

What does it mean to you to be Compressport athlete team?

Compressport ha sido mi marca desde el primer día y eso es una suerte. Yo ya usaba el producto cuando fiché por Compressport, y creo que ha sido el mayor acierto que he hecho. Sin ninguna duda, hoy Pau Capell no podría ir a competir a diferentes países sin Compressport.

Finally and seeing that you have a blog and fairly updated it’s difficult to be updated?

Before I publishing many more things but now by time and others I can not have as updated as I would like. This last year I write my experience in races I do, especially those of the Ultra Trail World Tour. It is true that a few days are needed to write it all well and put the pictures (with prefetch) but worth it because there are people who read it and they can serve as motivation

And now we have a series of short questions.

Pau CapellPreferred distance race?


In the race, as you see the other competitors, as rivals or friends?

Friends, I do not like rivals.

a song?

Jo mai mai

¿a drink?

A shandy post-race

Pau Capellfavorite food?

Pasta or paella

a dream?

I keep to myself, if I ever happens, I tell you!

a hobby?


a movie?


Pau Capellyour dreamed victory?


running uphill or downhill?


a trip?

Backpack and discover areas

The race that makes you hopeful run?

The next that I have

¿a runner which you admire above all?

Uff many, but my friend Jordi Gamito

Pau Capellyour preferred rival?

I don’t have rival, in ultratrails, my friend to share route, Jordi.

Think a moment, last meters after a grueling race and you dispute the victory, there in the last 200 meters, what race would you like it was?, and who you would like to play it, and that result?

By 200 meters I think I like to get together, it’s a very enriching experience and you just gaining a great friend for life.

If the other runner sprint, then I wish it were UTMB, against any runner and victory .. what more could you ask for!

Thank you very much for your time Pau, and we leave a gift in a video mode that we have dedicated to you ending with your victory in the UTM TDS

Pau Capell

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