Interview to Scotty Hawker

Scott HawkerGood morning Scotty, the first thing we want,  is than our readers known some things about you, one thing very important, why did you decide to start running and why trails?

I used to run to get fit when I was younger and playing soccer. I liked being fit so I could run forward on attack and try to score goals and then run back fast and help defend. I used to play centre midfield so I needed to be fit.

My first memories of being in the mountains in New Zealand was with my Mum and Dad. They used to take me and my little brother hiking on some really beautiful trails. We once spent Christmas in the bush and we were allowed to take one Christmas present to open on Christmas morning. I don’t think my Dad wanted to carry too many heavy presents smile

In 2011 I was to compete in a very famous MultiSport race in New Zealand called the Coast to Coast. This is 243km from the West Coast of the South Island in NZ, to the East coast. You Run, Kayak and bike from one side of the island to the other. When I was training for this race I fell in love with the mountains some
more and after this race I started to run a little more. I love being in the mountains, they are so humbling and so peaceful at the same time.

Scott HawkerYou are surrounded by runners, your wife your family, this it makes you easier spend time to train, or is as difficult for you as for the rest of us?

I think for any runner, we all have to work hard to try and find a happy balance in life with training, work and family. Family is always number one but there have definitely been times where I have to make sacrifices with other things in life to train and race but these are choices I have always made with the support of my
wife Liz. She has always been so supportive of me chasing my dreams in running. Sometimes it has meant spending time apart so I can go and race but whenever possible we try to travel together and I know I race better when she is there.

And your daughter when are you begin to run with her ;)?

It has been so amazing taking Sienna out hiking on the trails. We have already had some special moments together in the Blue Mountains. Maybe she won’t like running and maybe she will choose another sport or hobby, we’ll leave that up to her to decide wink

Scott HawkerYou used your workouts to went to running with your wife? or everyone run alone?

Before my wife Liz fell pregnant we used to run a lot together. I would have my recovery runs when she would come with me. Once Sienna can go in the running pram we can go running as a family. I can’t wait for this!!

What you prefer, to run alone or with company?

I like both. When I used to live in Western Australia a lot of my training because of work was alone which was fine. Sometimes with friends. Since moving to the Blue Mountains I have some great friends who I train with basically every weekend and through the week also. This has been a really nice change.

Scott HawkerHow do you define this year both personally (congratulations on the recent paternity), and in sports?

The biggest excitement for this year has been the birth of Sienna. She is so beautiful and makes Liz and I smile all day. We love watching her grow and our little family adventures. My running comes second now for sure, but we are excited to see what the future brings with some travel and racing together as a family. Sometimes I will race and sometimes Liz will race and we can take turns to look after our little princess.

Was very hard when you took away from the races, to find that desired paternity?

I had to take nearly 10 months off from hard training and racing. We had some problems falling pregnant and was advised from the specialists that my running because of fatigue and some other things was impacting things. It was definitely a big change initially but in the end there was nothing more important than starting a family with Liz.

It’s hard the back to the competition?

Yes!!! After such a long time out I lost a lot of fitness and strength. My first long race back was Ultra Trail Australia 100km in May. I had many injuries and problems with my calves and ankles and wasn’t in good shape for this race. Next I ran in Lavaredo but the same calf and ankle problems were with me in the build
up and training so I wasn’t in the condition I wanted to be in. There are always going to be reasons for training not going perfectly so I think as athletes we need to just do our best sometimes and realise we aren’t going to be at our best but we can still be strong.

Scott HawkerWhat are your goals for the remainder of the year and next?

My next race is the Trail Running World Championships where I will represent New Zealand. I am so proud to be wearing the silver fern and colours of my country.

What is harder, being a father or run an ultra?

Haha, they are both so different. I don’t think anything can prepare you for the changes that come with having a baby. We are very lucky as Sienna is sleeping and eating very well so I get some good sleep. Liz has to feed Sienna so she is
much stronger than me!

How can you combine the day with training? It costs a lot?

My job is a full time running coach. I work with Andy Dubois at Mile 27 Coaching. I have athletes I coach from all over the world. We write online weekly specialised training programs for clients training for many different races all over the world. Sending their program to them weekly and then they have unlimited email contact etc to ask questions and discuss things. I also have fantastic sponsors who support me 100%

Do you expect to stay a lot of time more fighting in the mountains against rivals?

I hope so!! I’m 29 years old now and haven’t been running my whole life competitively so I think my body is relatively fresh and I still have a burning desire to train hard and race well!

Scott HawkerIn the mountains you have probably had good and bad moments, which is the best moment of these years?

I know I haven’t had my “best performance” racing yet so I’ll keep training so it happens sometime soon. My best memories would be finishing my first 100km race in 2012 at the Glasshouse 100 and also finishing my first 100 mile race at UTMB in 2014.

What about the worst?

I wouldn’t call it my worst but UTMB 2014 was definitely my toughest race yet. I had a very busy 2014 and then decided to run UTMB and it was one race too many and I was broken and thinking about DNF at Courmayeur. With the motivation
from my wife I managed to continue and then finish the race which was so special!

Now a series of short questions

Scott HawkerAnd some distance with which you dare not?

I’d happily do any distance on the trails or in the mountains, Vertical K is very short wink For the road I think anything less than 10km I wouldn’t go near!

What do you have more, rivals, friends, or share?

Friends smile But still rivals at the same time. UTA100 and Lavaredo this year were great examples of this. My good friend Pau Capell and I ran many km’s together in both races but there came a point in the race where we both know we wanted to win! I like to try and beat my friends but also so happy to see them perform so well and run so strong!!

A book?

Tuesday’s with Morrie, by Mitch Albom.

A drink?

Beer – “One Fifty Lashes”, Pale Ale.

Scott HawkerA dream?

To travel the world and explore many countries with Liz and Sienna.

Any hobby?

Disc Golf

A movie?

I don’t really watch much television or movies but I do like “The Blindside” movie.

Your dream victory?

To win UTMB and carry my daughter across the finish line with me smile

Scott HawkerYour favorite race?

Lavaredo Ultra Trail – the best!!

A runner which you admire above all?

My Dad, he loves to compete but he just loves running for running.

Your favorite opponent?

Pau Capell tongue

A song?

Always on my mind, Tiki Tane. (Wedding song)

Scott HawkerA meal?


Beach or mountain?

Mountains every time!

Now we have a question for you from Pau Capell our last interviewed

Now you have a baby in home, do you see the UltraTrails from another point of

Definitely, training is now even more important for me. Because I am spending
time away from my wife and daughter I really want to make training sessions
count and get good sessions in. It’s motivating me to push harder in training and
no doubt racing! Running for me ties in another passion of mine to travel. The
three of us are excited about travelling to Europe for 6 months in 2017 and
showing our daughter some of the world smile

Thanks for you time Scotty, and her you have one little present for the big guy than you are ;).

Scott Hawker

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