Interview to Zaid Ait Malek

Zaid Ait MalekThis time we have ventured to interview the always charismatic mountain runner Zaid Ait Malek. Good morning Zaid, the first thing is to thank you for spending some of your time in us. And we hope not to be taking a break from training for the interview. 

The first thing is that you present yourself to the readers, and tell them how you would define your Zaid Ait Malek, who is Zaid?


Zaid Ait Malek is a crazy mountain goat, it is the place where he feels happy. He is a man of 32 years, in love with the mountain since he was a boy. A “crazygoat”

When do you want to run for the mountain races, and when do you decide to dedicate yourself to them?

In 2011 I dispute my first races by mountain, and from there to be in the fight between the roosters. Then in 2013 I decide to put the batteries, and go for the Spanish championship, I found it easy in Vilaller. In 2014 I repeat in Isaba Navarra.

Zaid Ait MalekAnd when you started running, did you intend to reach this level?

Not at all I thought about this, my goal was just to compete with the big ones, just go out with them.

And once you’ve reached this level, is it hard to stay up there?

With some injuries that cost a lot, but there I am as always between them.

How is your day?

My day is working and dreaming of going up and enjoying what I do, because I do it with desire.

It is very difficult for me to take time to run, but I imagine that to be at your level will still have to take more time, you from where you take it?

I am not a runner who trains many hours. I only have quality trainings and on weekends I do some long exit. That way I have plenty of time for my trainings.

Zaid Ait MalekZaid, what advice would you give to amateur runners?

Tips, just enjoy with the things you do and go out happy, “enjoy”.

2016 I think it was a good year for you, what do you think?

2016 for me was not such a good year in sports life because of the injury I had. Even so I could win the Spanish Cup, the title I was missing here in Spain. But as for personal life I ended up having my son, a complete dream. I can not complain 2016 personally, it was a good year.

And the 2017, already after half a year, how do you face the rest of the season, and with what goals?

2017 at sports level has not started yet. I’m still in preseason. The year begins for me with the Transvulcania. The goal of the year is to make good runs and fight to the end.

How do you feel after the popular support you had last year after all the problem with your residence permit ?, Already solved 100%?

I am proud of all the people who help me day by day, a fact that has helped to make the issue solved, even so until I do not have the nationality, it is still an endless road.

Zaid Ait MalekAn Ultra runner like you, I imagine that in a race you have a lot of time “free” as you run to think, what do you think or how do you spend those race miles to make them more enjoyable?

With so many miles ahead, you enjoy the nature of the mountain, and you think about finishing without injuring me. You also think about everything you prepare to get a good temporade.

How do you see the issue of prohibitions or problems to be able to perform mountain races, now that they are so fashionable?

With this of environment, they are passing with the subject, although some are also destroying the mountains by fouling, breaking, putting traps to the others. These will bitter us to enjoy these mountains.

Do you think this mountain racing fashion has come to stay, or is it a passing fad, which in a few years will go a little bit?

Today anyone goes and organizes a race. The one who can treat the riders well, organizes the race well. Moreover, for a great majority, this is not a fashion, it is a business, and that is destroying the subject.

What has been the best memory that you keep of all your races?

The best memory for me is really two, the goal of Zegama 2013 and Ultra Pirineu 2015.

Zaid Ait MalekAnd although I imagine you will not keep it, what is the worst moment you remember?

My worst memory is the half-marathon of Calahorra.

Superstitions or hobbies before a race?

Nothing, things without change as day to day.

And how do you recover after an Ultra?

Put me in some cold river, and during those days to hydrate me well.

Zaid everebody say that you always have a smile, how do you do not lose it in the worst moments?

My parents taught me, smile at the worst moments you recover positive energy.

Now a series of short questions.

In the mountain, in this sport, how do you see the rest mainly as friends or rivals?

Zaid Ait MalekLike friends and family.

a song?

Prayer of Pray

a book?

The Coran

a meal?

Moroccan Cuscus

Zaid Ait Maleka drink?

A Moroccan tea

a movie?

Bruce Lee.

A runner you admire

I jajajajaja

Against which runner would not you want to be playing your dream victory?


Zaid Ait MalekA hobby?


Your favorite race?


Your dream victory?

Zegama, Transvulcania, Ultra Pirineu

Your favorite rival?

Kilian Jornet, Luis Alberto.

a dream?

Get where i want

Morocco or Spain ?, or to put it easy and not anger anyone, a little of each?

Holidays in Morocco and working life in Europe.

And now think for a moment a race, and tell us which race, which end you would love to be able to live and against which rival or rivals.

Zegama and with all the best in the world.

Thank you very much for everything Zaid, and we leave you after this interview a couple of little gifts.

Zaid Ait Malek

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