April 8. Runner’s Diary

April 8

Dear diary, today is April 8, and I am in front of the computer. No, I’m not running or planning on running. I have a bigger problem, I’m surfing the web. And you ask, how can that simple gesture be the beginning of my problems?

Very easy, everything starts with an innocent web surfing. But first I see an article that talks about a race, I press a link, you see a motivational video, you start thinking about running that race, you’re looking for information … And here comes the problem, you get information about that race, but not just that, also of many more races that will be celebrated these next months.

And that’s where the problems begin, the mind is clouded. You start to sweat, your pulse shakes, your fingers do not respond. Why do there have to be so many races?.

April 8

It is a big problem, since every weekend there is one or more races. But you think you’re strong, although the first problem comes when you hit the race link. You start to see photos and videos of other editions of the race. Usually they have an incredible landscapes, with people smiling, nobody sweating, nobody injured, … And then you think, that race I have to run it. And you go innocent of yourself, and you sign it up.

If you left the computer, nothing would happen, there would be no problems. But you usually leave it for a while, a few days, maybe a week. But after a while, you will connect again, and if it is not the computer, it is the smartphone, the tablet, … And back to start, you surfing the web, you see races, videos, people smiling and having fun. That if you never ask because nobody suffers in those photos of an ultra, or if they suffer because they do it smiling. And you register for another race.

If you signed up for one this month, another the next month, there would be no problem, but …

The Problems

Yes this is the problem, it is April 8, and there is a lot of time until November, and you will say what does November have to do with April? Well, that with good weather, and all the races you lost your mind, the fingers press inscriptions, and when May arrives, suddenly you start receiving confirmation emails.

April 8

And that’s where the cold sweats come, you have not received one, not two, you have in the next three, four months, a race every two weekends, but every weekend and sometimes more than one on the same weekend.

Do I divide myself? Do I trip? How the hell am I going to run every weekend from here to November?. 

So, dear diary, today is April 8. And that’s why I’m going to turn off the computer, smartphone or tablet, go out for a walk, and forget about running. Until tomorrow, I have a race.



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