August 13. Runner’s Diary

August 13Dear Diary, today is the August 13 and also in August, which means for a high percentage of population HOLIDAYS, that magic word, and that just name it, it makes us think of a better time, in warm weather, in time relaxing, enjoying the day, barbecues, …

But this is not always the case, sometimes we speak of the warmth in summer, but there are a cooler that comes with rain and fog. But what we all want when the holiday season arrives, is the good time, but before we were at 40º complaining of the heat, wishing the cool and it rained, but that’s just what we want at the time of the holidays of others, not in the our.

Then come the holidays, a time to take a rest, yes, I mean it, rest, already worth of running five days a week, controlling heart rate, ramps, intervals, speed, sweat, output the sun, the sunset, if we sweat more at such an hour, or less so another.

No please, it’s time the rest, but not only us but also our families, which are those that suffer most our trips, our conversations times, pulse, race weekend, sometimes we are irritating,

Honey today we see on TV a new chapter of Vikings,

No love, that make my heart rate up and tomorrow I’m not going to run well in my race.

Please be realistic and let’s not nonsense, we’re on vacation, we can watch TV until late, do not worry, tomorrow we haven’t to get up early for a long run, we can take a beer, let’s not positive for doping of Saturday’s race.

If I recognize that sometimes we are very  handfulto say something else, with our training schedules, training, eating, creams, etc, etc. But I think this can not last all year, at any time of year you have to stop, disconnect, to regenerate, recharge, back to being human, and then get back into a normal rhythm with more forces, or at least have a detail with our families and get back with the same force.

August 13Therefore let these days we have to spend the summer a little, enjoy family, friends, the environment, sights, just enjoy. You feel like run, leave the watch at home, or at least force yourself to not look, no clock runs at least in the head, and enjoys, run watching the scenery, animals (animals not running), wild fauna, but especially enjoys, or even run, go for a walk with your loved ones, you’ll have time to have a rushed, stressful September, races, trainings, sprints, ….

So I said, August month off, hope you beleive me, why at least a week eh? 

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