July 22. Runner’s Diary

July 22Dear Diary, today is July 22, we have a month’s grueling summer, this summer does not forgive even a degree of temperature, we will slowly suffocating, making us sweat like never before, but what we wanted in summer.

But that’s not what I came to talk today July 21, but education, or I should say the lack of it sometimes, and sometimes even hurts to admit it, in the world of sport, and not only professional sport, but also amateur.

I understand that running is very hard, sometimes going so tired, but so tired, than we hardly see what you have on front, and in front you have it, you do not see either the runner coming running towards you.

And that was what happened to me today, that innocent me, I went out to run, truth is that it was hot, the temperature was around above normal, and I was going to my normal pace, meaning slowly, to pass heat in the best way possible.

i was running through the woods, through pine forests, thinking at the time that would finish the forest and i began to run receiving the rays of my sunny friend, to start sweating, but suddenly I noticed some people walking, they were quiet with a puppy, and I put my best face, that of not tired, not sweat, although i was sweating from my hair to the ground, I pretend to be fresh, and i say some magic words, “good afternoon” sometimes “hello”, and i looked surprised when the respond to me, “wello”, I think, “Today we’ll have a good day.”

July 22

I’m cheering, not to increase my pace, the heat does not allow more speed, but to continue waving people, I see another walker, and approach towards him, with another bright smile, and greet him, and incredibly, he responds me, today the percentages are above average, at 100%.

Suddenly I see in the distance two runners, as I said before it’s hot, they go whithout shirt, suffering the rigors of summer, but again i put on my best smile, my face of happiness, to be having a good time, I go to them and say “Hello”, the silence in the forest could be cut with a knife, my disappointment was comparable to how hot it was, no one answered me why?, I began to imagine that maybe heat it’s the culprit, maybe the other runners had thought that I was a mirage, that smile in the heat could not be true. I think that was the reason for not answering my greeting, though I doubt simulate a faint to check if I had been helped, or had just passed over my body pretending not to see me.

But all was not lost, I kept running and two other walkers I saw returned the greeting.

If I know the city is full of people, all of us hurry, nobody wants to say hello to anyone, that anyone with whom we met, we pretend not to know, prefer to look the other way, but in the middle of the mountain, where we we cross a few, some running, others by bike, others walk, it’s weird not greet, plus ignore that greets you, i don’t know, I keep thinking that fatigue is such that prevents up to the greeting, and that we haven’t strenght to talk.

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