July 6. Runner’s Diary

July 6Dear diary, we are at July 6, the day the famous loud bang that launches from Town Hall of Pamplona today. And thus they begin San Fermin, which will last until July 14.

You may ask, what has this to do with a runner blog ?, is perhaps San Fermin runners patron?. Well, no, but as today is July 6, and closures begin tomorrow, for I have echoed this singular date.

And in this time of enclosures, see curious things,people move to Pamplona, ​​get up early, or sometimes even without sleep, and run. So far so normal, good in hand, I sometimes get up too early to go running. So far so normal, but now begins the part that surprised me.

The trail running in San Fermin. Race lasting seven days, in an extreme environment of heat, it is only allowed to run first thing in the morning, when the heat can not affect the participants.

Second and no less important, due to high temperatures should be properly hydrated, so the important fluid intake by the participants the night before each race day, which is usually abundant, but not if would pass a drug test.

6 de JulioThird, take a good position at the start to not see you then wrapped into small problems end oppression, as well as jams caused by the large number of participants.

Fourth I imagine it is a race both trail, as a kind of canicross, as it has always seemed to me to see animals running among participants. Although it seems a bit dangerous, such animals run loose, as they may be frightened, and cause some damage to another broker.

One thing I like is the peculiar way of giving the star, by means of a small rocket, which is released at the time of exit.

Short but intense race, flowing through a street circuit, but not without obstacles, in the form of wooden barriers, or fallen comrades.

I also find it curious permitted categories in the competition, Male, Female, Senior, Veterans, to a category of relays, as I see people running up to a certain point on the course, and others who start at these points, although it being a little confusing the way the baton exchanged, even I can not catch him.

And it’s nice that almost everyone use the shirt that gives the organization to run, still a very nice touch that everyone will use the same color, and the red tubular also given away. It seems a curious runner bag, white shirt, white pants, red tubular, and tetrabick but not Caldo Aneto it’s  of calimotxo.

Something I can not understand is how you measure time, as much as I’ve noticed I do not see any dorsal side or chip, but equally it is integrated into the red tubular.

After seeing this new trail in seven days, I have nothing more to wish good luck to all those who run and Viva San Fermin.

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