June 23. Diary of a runner

June 23Dear Diary, today is June 23, and in summer, ahead waiting for me some hot months, I start to think about it and I tremble, but do not worry, I am going to explain my fears.

And now that the warm weather arrives, you think, well, I’ll finally be able to go for a run when I want, at the time i want, and I haven’t to run at night and will not make an awful cold . But other questions arise, other issues, the heat, the sun, dehydration.

Of course, it is that this wonderful time is summer, is also a hot seasonm, so better I’m going out to run later, so the heat do not catch me, sweaty father, and that feeling of being tired, and absolutely devastated.

June 23To do this I get my special socks for running which expel sweat and provide the maximum possible transpiration, so my legs certainly smells, i dont know yo roses, but certainly not to sweat, as it has been all expelled inside the shoe.  Then, being the socks inside the shoe and sweat outside the socks, but also inside the shoe, how smell my feet?. So I have to use my super-breathable slippers, and most minimalist possible to feel the ground stroking my feet while running.

Of course, all this will come to nothing if I do not wear my pants with tech second skin, and keep me dry and eject sweat. In the run, you have to know how to eject.

And of course, if I wear trousers with the technology, nothing will serve if not accompanied by a t-shirt, 100g weight, and also expels sweat, adjusted the body, seamless, air conditioning, climate control and pollen filter. Man, is that for that price, comes to about 400 € a Kilogram, it must bring good extras.

Now I only need the cap to absorb sweat, and incorporated shower, good sunglasses, a hydration pack with temperature control and now I am ready for run.

And at this momentt we are in full run after 35 of preparation before leaving, and I wonder, am I going to go running or I’m going to a party? It is that between one thing and another …

But now at last I run, summer, June 23, and with all my clothes ready to eject my sweat, and after 20 minutes running, start to cloud, darkening sky, drums thunder accompanied my run, and gradually the sky begins to cry over me, but rather I think crying with laughter. Laughing all the paraphernalia that I have prepared for running, expel sweat, endure heat, dehydrate, and finally ended absolutely soaked, no heat and superhydrated but by a summer storm, which has been fairly avenged my millimeter preparation for running .

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