October 14. Runner’s Diary

October 14What can i say about yestardey, October 14, nothing, but what do you tell me about before yesterday? October 13, but not only that, besides the 13th, was also Tuesday, that is, for those who have not caught, Tuesday and 13, but of course, to me that I did not care, because I’m not superstitious. Tuesday and 13, Wednesday, 14, Thursday 15, … so many days in the week, this was just one more. Or so I thought until I decided to go for a run.


Until then Tuesday and 13, was just a number and a day in my mind, but it started to get my lucky shoes, still I insist that I am not superstitious, just is its brand, lucky shoes. As I was leaving, when i’m going to put my shoes of luck, discover that they are beginning to break through the sole, but not bad luck, is simply wear and tear I think.

October 14But could finish everything there, but no, my tights decide to break when I wear them a superstitious would have attributed to Tuesday and 13, but not me, it is wear and tear wash. So lame other clean tights, and get ready for run.

I look at the sky, and I laugh at the superstitions, after a raining morning, afternoon has been opened, showing a turquoise sky that will allow me to run without getting wet, lol, finally some good news, not good luck.

So I go to run, and running I turn around to go back home, brrr, the temperature has lowered in an afternoon, for nothing, running (it is the fashionable verb  at this time) to grab a shirt of long sleeve.

October 14And finally to slaughter, run. The GPS works perfectly, do not you see how everything is bad ?, but at 2 Km, wear and tear again not unlucky make me another trick, GPS belt breaks, it falls me and for those who follow thinking about bad luck, it not break.

Nothing, to keep running without GPS, but do not worry, I will not lose, is the pine where I always run, then the chances of getting lost are minimal, so even if you turn the fog, if it rains again, it fall 200 pines along the way, this route I know it.

October 14Resumed the march, GPS in hand, not on the wrist, but I decided to finish my run of Tuesday and 13, again put one leg in front of the other, I start to run, but I put my foot in a puddle, but that is not bad luck, it’s a bad measure of the step, which could be bad luck, is to look at the GPS I’ve been on hand to see it take away, and while tripping over a rock, and dive into a pool. But no, it was not bad luck, it’s just a lesson in life, not looking at the GPS while running, and less if there isn’t on the wrist, but it’s in your hand.

October 14And a little wet, especially worn, like my shoe, my tights, my GPS, I decide to go home and rest of the day, that wonderful day 13, which was also Tuesday, so I undo what has been done so far, and I go back home, where the wear and tear of my key prevents me go into the house, because the key seems not to open the lock, another little joke of fate, but I still do not believe in bad luck.

It’s sure, I not go to running on a Tuesday and 13, but simply because I now have gym on Tuesdays, and also the tattoo had already thought to put on me, and I’m not still superstitious.


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