Running in the Rain

Running in the rain

We would say as the song Singing in the rain, but in this season that accompanies us, Autumn, well we could sing running in the rain. So I go running and I hear but where do you go with the walking sticks and the backpack, if you’re just going to do a 40 minute workout, or are you kidding me with your 40 minutes of nothing, and you plan to go back in three hours with the apology that you missed the phone and you’ve been looking for it for two hours?

Whatever your apology, or your afternoon plans, a previsional runner is worth two, or at least not get wet as a normal, that classic afternoon that you go run, and without warning begin raining cats and dogs. Well, that is the moment when you thank to think that in your equipment of running does not never spare anything, and you get an umbrella with the imagination.


That where I go with sticks and backpack ?, because i’m running in the rain. 

Running in the Rain

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