September 17. Runner’s Diary

September 17Dear diary, today I woke up wanting to run, and that’s the most important, the best attitude for a runner, look forward !. Today September 17, I have wanted to run. But this is only an idea, a dream, or rather the beginning of a dream, I hope not a nightmare, or end up becoming one.

For starters, I get up excited, i have a breakfast, I dress up, and I’m going to work, when i had previously faced the harsh reality that the summer is leaving us, although not yet reached the Fall, but the temperature does not permit us to doubt. While I’m on the train track work, i stroke the mindset of my late afternoon to dedicate a small little run.


  • 15:30 I’ll be out of work
  • 16:45 come home
  • 17:00 I change my work clothes and I wear my running clothes, and go running.
  • 17:40 I run 40 minutes of continuous run quietly.
  • 17:42 few sprints to work force.
  • 17:55 stretch a little, I do abs.
  • 18:00 after having cooled, relaxing shower and rested at home.
  • 21:00 calm and relaxed dinner after a long day of work and training.

But now is when I laughed, I laughed and cry: lie!, this is called mindset for something, because it is only mentally, compared to reality is like comparing myself to my Anton Krupricka. Ie little resemblance, both are guys, we run, sometimes I have a little beard, … well I have more resemblance to Krupricka  than my mindset with my real late.

  • 15:30 I have not been out of work
  • 16:00 I’m still working
  • 16:15 get off work, but I lost the train even though I’ve done the first race of the day to reach it
  • 16:45 Finally I take the train
  • 19:15 I come home, it seems that Renfe was also against me, and brought trains delayed, the last part of the trip, I think the train was pushed by the reviewer and some travelers outraged by the delay.
  • 19:30 I have to go pick up the kids from school activities.
  • 19:45 back home after collecting all children of their activities.
  • 19:55 I changed clothes to go running as my better half comes home at 8.
  • 20:00 New mistake, make a mindset that my better half was coming home at 20:00, I get a WhatsApp to warn that also has mess and come later.
  • 20:45 Finally I can go running only I took 3 hours late with my mental dream.
  • 20:50 I’m still looking for batteries for the headlamp, it is what has increasingly dark soon, and I come every day later.
  • 21:00 I run after leaving a family pissed or at least mindset future will be pissed, especially when they realize that I have taken the batteries from the remote to the headlamp.
  • 21:32 i have trotted just 32 minutes when i hear thunders and the water has put down from the sky as if i was under a waterfall.
  • The series of sprints comes down to a sprint to go fast at home before soak more.
  • 21:45 stretched, rather I reached for the shower head.
  • 21:50 Cry frozen water falling on my back, and I remember that I did not call to fill the diesel tank heating.
  • 22:00 spare after a cold shower, I sit on the couch to rest.
  • 22:05 I have to get up off the couch to go for control batteries that are still on the headlamp.

September 17As we can see, any resemblance between my mindset with the actual race today was pure fiction. But the strangest thing is that surely after this traumatic experience, I will rise again tomorrow thinking about running.

It is that we are stupid, or endangered species, but we’re endanged because we are stupid, .

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