Why the trail running is better than sex

trail running is better than sexAs long as we talk about sex, the head we will not think clearly, we imagine anything than our mind wants to imagine, when talking about sex is natural, so imagine write about sex will also be normal.

Well, this subject has many followers, and I don’t mean to trail running, but sex. But you may wonder why the trail running and sex are related? and above all, the theme will be talking about why the trail running is better than sex ?, we hope to answer this question.

Therefore we will try to show why the one is better than the other

  • If you get injured, you can explain it without any problem to everyone how it happened.
  • Sex as much, much it may last a couple of hours, well we talk in normal terms, but if your case and your average time is greater than this, you can tell us. 
  • During a race of trail running, you can meet many people and make lasting friendships, in the sex as much, you can meet two people, if you like the trios, or in cases more special some more, but as many as on a race…
  • For a trail you can not stop eating, while doing sex, you’re hardly eating.
  • You can talk seamlessly where, when and how many friends you lost your virginity on a trail, but in sex, you don’t speak about when you lost your virginity in any case, you lie.
  • The only interesting disease you can get on a trail, is madness.
  • You do not have to be ashamed of telling people that you train your own.
  • If you have to pee or vomit, you only have to get out to the side of the road.
  • You can plan a trail for months in advance.
  • It’s okay if your partner is going too fast for you, or vice versa.
  • Never mind that even if it costs a lot to get to the top, sudenly the descent begins.
  • The trails are not jealous of other trails.
  • Nobody makes silly jokes trails on TV, well, this does not count .
  • You do not have to hide from your partner your copies of the run magazines. Runners, sport’s Life, Outdoor, Trail Run.
  • You’ll hardly fall asleep while you’re on a trail.
  • A trail never has a headache.
  • You can be on a trail each month, no one will say you’re a cad.
  • When you talk about trailrunning, not everyone will know what you mean, you’re a specialist, but when you talk about sex, surely everyone knows more than you.

We hope to have met everyone’s expectations when they saw in the title of the post the word sex.

If more things can you think of why a trail is better than sex, tell us

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