Almorchones Path

This race begins beside the called Camino del Dedo (Finger Path), next to the M-607 between Navacerrada and Becerril de la Sierra.

Just begin the run i find a very waterlogged path,  I continue parallel to the M-607, and the Arroyo de la Angostura,  the ground does not present in this beginning any difficulty, is in slight decline and even allows you to appreciate the landscape, and in the water season, you can see a small waterfall in the Arroyo de Peña Jardera.  Almost where the road joins the M-607, we take to the urbanization Vista Real a path to the left which will lead us along the GR10, to a fenced step, which will be the start of the climb to the Maliciosa Dam, in the Collado de Majaespino. Just after begin this path of ascent we see a milestone indicating that by there, it goes the way of Santiago.

This rise is already tough, with an average gradient of 11 %, and after making three closed curves on the road, we walked out to ascend along a path (to call them that) the so-called Corral de Peña Jardinera toward the Maliciosa Dam, while we see to our left la Peña Retuerta, and to our right el Pico Jarator.

When we finally got to the Maliciosa Dam, we find a tiny dam, but the view we see from here, it was well worth the effort, raising his head, we get a nice view of the Malicious poking out between the clouds.

From this moment on, we started the descent, which will be almost all the way, while we are surrounding the Almorchones. Before we had to cross el Arroyo de Peña Jardinera, as we got into the fenced area of the Maliciosa Dam. The descent can not miss, we are going down while on the background you can see the Navacerrada Dam, and always in the deviations taking the path to the left. At one point in the lowering we crossed the river Navacerrada by a bridge to a particular farm, but without enter it,we are going down a path to the side of the river that is bordering the farm, to follow it without loss until the beginning of the race

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I leave the track of the route if you really want to download it

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