Aqueduct’s Weir

Aqueduct's WeirSunday turned to run down the Segovia slope of the Sierra de Guadarrama, for that I move to the Puente Alta Dam, near Revenga, and why i choose this time this area?, Because i want to approach while i run to the aqueduct’s weir.

We all know the view of the Segovia’s aqueduct or if not we heard about it, but this Roman conduction to carry water to the city of Segovia, has to have a beginning, somewhere has to start it’s pace, and that’s where we will approach today, at the start of the aqueduct, it’s decanter.

aqueduct's weiraqueduct's weirWe started to run down the asphalted path nearly to Revenga village towards the Puente Alta Dam, this track goes around the dam, where we have time to see some small vestige of the Civil War. Finishing round the dam, we reached a parking lot, from where we will find a path marked by a sign indicating the way to the weir. This signal is along all the way to the aqueduct’s weir.

aqueduct's weirJust outside, we cross two very close doors of cattle, and we will climb always staying by the Acebeda´s River, , and up following the signs, we reached the Cacera of Revenga Hontoria, where we crossed it by a wooden bridge, and after a while we turn right, and after a little more uphill, we finally reached the decanter and two meters after the capture of the aqueduct. Frío’s River.

aqueduct's weirOnce there I decided to go up as the race until the aqueuct’s weir had really been only 4 km, so a little rise and come to an asphalted road, which i crossed and continued in continuous ascent to Peña Agudilla, always crossing the pine grove, and some other holly, I imagine are those that give the name to the river Acebeda.

aqueduct's weirAnd after a little rise, and go through Navaltemero, we reached our peak, 1500 meters, started to run flat, ie up and down while crossing Navalhoyo as we head per track always towards La Chamorrilla where we go continuously down and got back to the asphalted road, we will take back to the point where the cross above.

azud del acueducto

And from this point we down to the weir of the aqueduct, and the Puente Alta’s Dam, where after 500 meters we come down to the starting point, and end of our route.

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