carouselSome days you wake up and rise early as usual, but the difference is that it is not to go to work, but it’s to go for a run, not to go to the fair to ride on the carousel, and as every day is different, today, well the last Sunday, you decide to do a route close to home, and closer to home we have is the small hill from there next.

But small things are depending on the eye or the viewpoint with which we contemplate, as a mountain will be quite small we want, because as we can make a mountain out of any grain of sand, we can make a mountain all big or small you want from a hill.

carouselWell, you decide this Sunday than your Cerro is going to be a great mountain, so you start to go round and round, the same hill, upload it to one side, down on the other, round an round, so back to circle, and eventually you get the impression that even after all that has gone up and down, sure there are parts of the same hill than you haven’t pass and you could have crossed, and have not even stepped on.

Well the fact is that Sunday I woke up early and started to surround the Cerro del Castillo, for before I finish around it, start to uploading it, and from that moment it was a continuous up and down, run up, run down, and at the end of such a run, I got an eye of a beautiful sunrise, as everything is not running, sometimes it’s better to catch a good view, good scenery, or just something to cheer us the early start and make more easy the kilometers

carouselBut after sunrise we continue to go up and down, with round and round the Cerro del Castillo, with the carousel race of the weekend, lap after lap, it’s funny how a hill that sometimes seems small, we transform it with some hope in a mountain of 700 meters of positive slope.

Sometimes we just have to throw imagination to life, and make up ourselves our mountains, as we make our dreams. When he had finished running, we go home with an illuminated face, like the face of the smiling boy than goes down from the carousel at the fair. There are times when to smile will not need more than a little walk, and this time without buying the ticket on the carousel.

And it can not be otherwise, I leave the little track of the day.

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