Dams in the Sierra de Guadarrama

Dams in the Sierra de GuadarramaThe title of this run on Monday, comes because i run very near three dams that you can see along the run. Navacerrada’s dam, Chiquillo’s dam, and the Navalmedio dam, the three damns in the Sierra de Guadarrama.

We started near la Fonda Real, on the road leading up to the port of Navacerrada, the M-601. A nice day with a high temperature to be in November and max temperature of 20 °. We went to the Casa Forestal de la Fonda, and we leave it to our left, while we started running downhill and parallel to the M-607 by trails. To our right and far left we observe continuously the Navacerrada reservoir.

Dams in the Sierra de GuadarramaAt a construction of the Canal de Isabel II, we run through the forest and continuing the trails, to our left, and continue in slight rise for about a kilometer to the Chiquillo’s damn, who welcomes us with a beautiful autumn stamps.

From here we continue to la Barranca between la Cerca del Chiquillo and the Pinar de Canto Gordo, slightly rising to the old Hospital Santo Angel de la Guarda de la Barranca.

From this moment we walked a little way on the road until we crossed the door for cows, at which we follow up to la Barranca, but now we can go on field. Although on a day like Monday involving finishing muddy due to the resident moisture in the ground.

Dams in the Sierra de GuadarramaDams in the Sierra de GuadarramaUpon reaching the car parks of la Barranca, we continue climbing towards Camino Ortiz, which we always continually rise, but enjoying the spring day, it surprise us this fall, and admiring the views of the Navacerrada damn and the woods painted with autumnal colors.

We follow the Camino Ortiz until we cross the Arroyo del Chiquillo, at which point we cut to the right, up to the viewpoint of the court, rather than follow the clear path that would lead to the same site, but with a little more long.

Dams in the Sierra de GuadarramaWe crossed the road up to the viewpoint of la Barranca and we started down the Bambi trialera, it is a joy to go down by a path and not find anyone, so at least the descent is quieter.

We arrived after good work down to the M-601, we crossed to the Ventorrillo, and continue to la Casa de las Mariposas where we take to get a good view from the geodesic Ventorrillo.


Dams in the Sierra de Guadarrama

From here we started down the Trialera Scorpion, while we’re getting to the Pinarcillo and reservoir Navalmedio, but before arriving, we go towards the right to continue running parallel to the river Navalmedio, but moving away from the reservoir .

Dams in the Sierra de GuadarramaAfter little more than a kilometer coing up, I crossed the river, Dams in the Sierra de Guadarramaon the meadow we find then enjoy the same peace that accompanies the horses eating.

Now begins another big drop for about 3 kilometers, which can be run without any problems, because the road is easy to run.


embalses por la Sierra de GuadarramaTo our right we leave Los Baldíos, los Riscos de la Majadilla Verde to go surrounding Navalmedio’s dam and we can observe the fall again showing that brown announcing the approaching end of the green of the leaves.

We finished dpwn, near the Cerro del Corral de Simon that is the part where less can run the entire route, as the next rise and fall are quite difficult to run.

Dams in the Sierra de GuadarramaAgain crossed the river Navalmedio, and headed for the area Baillo and Hojarascas to the first or last houses of Cercedilla, it depends on how you look. 

We said goodbye to our bovine friends and from there we joined a moment to Camino del Calvario, for leave it almost immediately, and head for El Portazgo and during continuous rise 2 kilometers, to the Royal Fonda, beginning and end of our run.

As always we leave the track of the route.

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