III Mitsubishi Maliciosa Vertical

Mitsubishi Maliciosa VerticalOn Saturday October 1st was the date set for the third edition of the Mitsubishi Maliciosa Vertical organized by the club TodoVertical. Well, at 9 I was prowling by urbanization Vista Real, chosen for the start of this vertical kilometer, to catch the dorsal, and to warm up.

My first impression is the good organization, for example in the row for the numbers, since at no time have to wait, I arrive, and I pick up the dorsal and the runner’s bag without any problem, without having to make endless queues. Once I collected my gifts, dorsal and chip (if they don’t remind me, i forgot it). I leave everything in the car and get ready to warm up. I am able to warm up the same without any burden, in the vicinity of the race.

In a moment comes the moment of entering the start zone, control chip, everything without problems and very fast, start to appear pre-race nerves, and the countdown than will launch us way to la Maliciosa. I had been in the first edition of this race, thanks to a contest that turned out gracefully with dorsal gift. After that race, I said “one and not more, this is because it was gift”, but you know, man is the only animal that stumbles, not once but many times in the same stone, so this time I signed the Mitsubishi Maliciosa Vertical.

Mitsubishi Maliciosa VerticalSo when I fell last week in the Madrid Ultra Trail, I thought “I already have an apology for not having to climb the Maliciosa”, but gradually the week went on, and coming on Saturday, and even from the Todovertical club allowed me if I wanted to cancel the registration, but could more the enthusiasm and excitement of climb another time the Maliciosa.

So there I was in the countdown, and ready to return my second climb to the Maliciosa in three years.

The start was very fast, by the head, and many people even knowing the path, went steadily to save some energy for the end of the race, the first ramps of the begining are to start to get a little scary, as they seem much, but you can run slowly, because at the end they aren’t so bad, and later or you will remember them

Mitsubishi Maliciosa VerticalAnd so quickly in these first ramps, you are passing the first kilometer, it seems incredible, you’ve running a kilometer, innocent of you, just so you think this is going to be that fast. The second kilometer while you climb to the reservoir of the Maliciosa, is much slower, so that really climb almost all the way on foot, between the effort and the queues on the rise, it is very difficult to run. I imagine than the head of the race will have done at a different pace, but in the group that I go, the pace is walking.

You have already completed the second kilometer, where you’ve taken a little more, but don’t make a big deal of it, and in addition there is the stand with food and liquids. In my opinion, if you carry liquid, this first and only stand than you find getting up, you don’t need it, you just started and you’ve run 2 kilometers, fatigue is not much … That if, carries water, becaus if you want to drink you have to climb to the Maliciosa, and back down to this point to replace liquid again.

Mitsubishi Maliciosa VerticalNow you begin the third kilometer, and you think than this is perhaps not as hard as it looks, because now we will go for a small rise and near to flat where you can even run and jogging sometimes. But if you’re confident, this is where it start surprises, once you complete the third kilometer, this starts to climb, and this is where you start to use those forces that you saved, or just of that honor and pride, and that makes you gain by the desire to reach the summit.

Completing this quarter kilometer is climbing steadily in a continuous rise, but walking almost all the time, but from the fourth, things change, plus the complication of the land, very dificult by the slope, we must add now moments where it almost impracticable and becomes difficult to keep the balance because of a very fine sand, which you don’t stop sliding, loose rock, and you say what you do climbing to la Maliciosa under those conditions? Yes, in this last kilometer is where really you wonder why you’re climbing this vertical kilometer ?, What do you do on a Saturday morning here?, with good plans that you could surely have.

I imagine you’re wondering, the effort, and fatigue, but after a while suffering and sliding, you stay in the area block where even you have to lend a hand to the ground (or rather block), and although it is amazing , suddenly it makes everything much easier, you come back to get some rhythm, blocks give you another mood climb, you begin to see the Maliciosa, the end of the race, the people down will not stop cheer, and it is when you know you’re going to get, and that surely will repeat at some other time of your life.

Mitsubishi Maliciosa VerticalThese last meters are the easiest, you’re not going tired, know that there is the summit helps you to climb like nothing, and when you finally finish in the summit, is a sense of infinite joy, you have reached la Maliciosa, completing the Vertical Kilometer .

Comparing this year with the first, I must admit that the weather change much one race of the other, the two have been precious each in its own way, the first, with the fog, you don’t know where the goal was, and that keeps you from see anything, and suddenly appears the summit, a magical moment between the clouds. And this quite the opposite, cloudless day, with incredible visibility always seeing the summit, which also helps you to know that you have nothing left. And when you get up an incredible landscape

As a final summary, I have to say how well prepared it’s all when Todovertical organizes a race without problems in the collection of numbers, all the way perfectly marked, from the first meter to the 2,227 meters. Unforgettable stands of food and liquid, the kilometer two I only used it on the way down to drink water and take an orange, and the stand of the departure and arrival, an incredible surprise, you arrives the supplies and you find a sandwich of tortilla and a beer, so thank you very much;)

As a memento of the day I leave you with a video.

A little summary of the race in one picture
Mitsubishi Maliciosa Vertical

And as a final I leave the track of the climb.

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