Night Cross of Navacerrada 2016. GTP

Night Cross of NavacerradaIt’s been more than two weeks of night cross of Navacerrada, and I’ve had time to think about mi race, to enjoy my result, especially to rest, after the effort of the cross.

This year I arrived an hour earlier to pick up my number, and although the sports center of Navacerrada was apparently  pretty empty, then to collect the number of the night cross of Navacerrada, we were a lot of people, that happens to us because we leave it to the end. But nothing happened, everyone had time to collect our number, place it, and come back to the starting area, it is what have the volunteers when we needed them, they multiply it.

night cross of NavacerradaAlready in the starting area, and while we started the race, we had to Depa encouraging the runners and the start line. Gradually the Paseo de los Españoles was filled with people, when suddenly I hear by the public address than the path has changed, they have suspended the hardest part of it.

On the other hand I begin to realize that after three years running the Night Cross of Navacerrada, I never repeated the path none of the three years, maybe that’s why I could not win a Night Cross of Navacerrada, I prepared for a path and in the last moment I meet another . Well either that or is there’s always people better than me, lol

Night Cross of NavacerradaSo now knowing this, at least as the race begins I go fast to place me in the right place, and avoid many agglomerations, the exit is downhill to the reservoir, allowing running without any problems, and take good positions. As you reach the Navacerrada’s dam, we run for a fairly flat and affordable land, you go round the reservoir, and enjoying the chilly.

If you took a good position in the descent, you will not have many problems of traffic jams at the exit of the reservoir, or crossing one of the rivers that reaches the reservoir. And running and surrounding the reservoir, get back to the road, you have to cross to dive right in Reajo del Roble, with a small ledge that you can sprint, because then comes down a downhill to retrieve.

And from Reajo del Roble, comes the hardest climb of the race, this time softened by the change of path, a continuous rise of 2.4 km, which is not an incredible rise, so you take your pace and with calmly you can saved it, and from this point you can say that is already beginning to smell the finish line, all downhill and land to the end, with one slope at the end.

At the top in the Dehesa de la Golondrina, is the time when you first turn on the front light, because until now the clarity has made it possible to run without the light, but from now and down among an oak forest, it is necessary to use it to avoid tripping over branches and put the feet into a crevasse. It is a fairly rapid decline, uncomplicated, where you can run without fear. And at the end of it, you are back in Navacerrada, you enter the roundabout, you go round the sports center and school, while listening the public encouraging.

Night Cross of NavacerradaNow you have left a small rise, and come back into the reservoir, to finish surround it, and we get into the last 700 meters uphill, but if you bring a bit of strength, you can up the pace a bit, and see as you can overtake some riders who already come with very fair strenght, and you are at the time when you run the last meters of the Night Cross of Navacerrada, with all the cheering audience and giving wings through the streets of Navacerrada, is a really exciting finish, where tempers and shouts of the people, you look like a professional runner.

As always, thank the organization of the race, its proper functioning, volunteers and its encouragement throughout the whole race, and encouragement of the public who make you speed up when you can not more.

In the official website of GTP, you have more information about ratings, and photos, as well as their facebook page or twitter

And as always I leave the race track if you want to give a little walk.

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