June 24. At last summer?

At last summerDear Diary, today is June 24, so officially, summer has arrived, but not only because it corresponds by date, but it also seems that the good weather it’ going to accompanies us at last some months. At last it seems we can say the phrase At last summer

But really we are glad that finally the summer arrives ?. Well, it’s a good question, because if it is true that we were already tired of running and suddendly begin to rain and we finish wet, snowing, the wind sift us, and many more things, so I’ll try in first person, if at least I was waiting for the summer with as much joywe endeavor to believe or is just a myth, we hate the summer as the other seasons.

14:30 pm, I decide to go running for a while, jogging, whatever, so I take out my work clothes, and I put on my sportswear, but not that that has accompanied me these winter months and sprinngwinter, but I change into something more cooler, and go out into the street.

At last summerFirst mistake, it is summer and are 14:30 pm, but where I’m going?. So I wonder, when I feel the warmth, hit me with all the toughness that can in the face and begin to notice that feeling of oppression caused by the sudden rise of my body temperature. Nothing, retreat, I go home again, and hopefully the sun down.

At 18:30, tired of waiting, Igo out to the street, the temperature has improved a degree, yes, only a degree, but now I go out with a hat to protect from the sun. I start my run with a small trot, as if trying to rise the pace, would lower my hydration and my chances of survival.

The first seconds i’m going well, I stop before reaching the minute, I start sweating at a frenzied pace, it is as if flood, I blur my eyes, I hardly see the road, and also those poor eyes misted, also start me sting because those beads of sweat able to avoid the protection of the eyebrows, and reach my eyeballs. Well, I could have solved with a washcloth to dry it, it is true, but I had solved staying home until the sun fall or it’s winter again

At last summer“At least” I think “goodness that I have a shirt that expels sweat out, but only expels it from the body, while the sweat stays glued to the outside of the shirt with consequent weight gain, well the positive side is that I run with weight, i work force. And of course, At last summer.

After trying to find the shadows and not find any, I decide to go back home and again run in the evening, or rather night, when the sun is already hidden, but well hidden. That is, I’ve been waiting for the summer to not have to run at night, wating it gets dark later, and when at last summer comes, I start to run at night. Take that, to prepare the front lamp again. The good thing is that while out at night, the temperature is pleasant, if not smothering.

After all seasons waiting for the summer, we begin to realize that maybe the other seasons were not so bad, maybe a little more fresh is not such a bad feeling. The snow is nice and cool, the Autumn wind, gives us speed if blowing favourable, allergies, atchuuu !, well that topic set it aside. And to say at last summer, sometimes we end up saying and when the end of summer?


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