May 20, hill sprints

hill sprintsDear Diary, today is May 20, Friday another day of the week, if not for I have decided to do hill sprints. Yes, I have long been hearing about the hill sprints, their profits, why every runner must make, so I have steeled today, and decide to go run and do hill sprints.

It all begins like any other day of training, I put on my running clothes and go out to the street, so far nothing has changed from a normal day, I start at slow pace, as I have always heard and also I think that before the hills, it is best to take a little jogging pace and get warmed muscles for the effort they will have to face.


hill sprintsThis part is difficult, especially for my ego, as I see other runners pass looking at me with a face of “poor as it is tired” or with the face of “mind that there is little” while I just try to put the face of “I’m going slowly because I’m warming up “, but also pass me the children than go running to the park, and their parents look at me with that proud face of “my son runs more than you“, and then not to be outdone, the teenagers goofing around in front of their boy or girl she/he likes, and also pass you, and finally the neighbor of 72 years old with a broken hip pass you because misses the bus, then you decide to terminate the heating and seek a place to make hill sprints, because you have to recover the ego.

At the end I find a hill, I look at her, I look back and I realize that they are hills, not climb what I have to do, so i have to find another smaller and affordable hill, also I’m starting and I do not want to abuse. I return to run, but now if I go up the pace, and do not want to be the tortoise in the neighborhood.

And I find what I’m looking for, a hill, which is not very pronounced, but neither is a downward hill, that’s very important, we will go up, not down.

Yes, now I see the hill, and I launched for her, threw one leg after another, always in constant rise, going away from the start, while I try to keep up the pace for 45 long seconds of hill, and at the end when the 45 seconds of hill finish, I turn around sweated and I see so close the start, than I feel a little disappointed and I think, “sometimes 45 seconds are nothing“.

Now back down, finally a joy, trotting gently, preparing for the next repetition (is up re-running the hill, repetition 0 suffering?), and as I get down, back up, only this time for my despair, this 45 seconds are less distance to yet, and thus each of the eight repetitions.

hill sprintsThe last repatriation (now I call it, because I want to repatriate me home) is the worst of all, I start running up, lol anything and call it running, and when my legs fail me and slipped, giving with my bones on the floor, but thank God the timer is ticking, and so came at 45 seconds while I’m lifting. The only good thing about the latter is that apart from that is the last and already finished, how close I prefer the beginning, my strength not give more, but the bad thing is the short time that I have now to recover, since in two steps, I’m down.

And now to cool a little at slow pace, but as I’m busted of the hill, I act the fool, so I pluck some flowers from a flower bed and go home walking and disguising as I come back to buy some flowers and don’t make it look like I was running and I’m completely shattered.

Now it arrives the moment to evaluate if the work has cost for something, say that with these hills have work the strengthening of the muscles,  I hope so, now almost can not even climb the front steps at home, my legs are shaking, and am wishing to seat to rest, and especially appreciate that hills do not touch until next week, only that this time I’ll downhill .


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