Runner’s Diary. March 30

March 30Dear diary, it is already spring, more specifically March 30 and as always at this time, the blood is altered as the proverb goes. In Spanish the blood is altered, in English Spring has sprung. But the time comes to ask us whether this is true, or simply an unfounded proverb.

In order to prove or deny the veracity of this proverb about the runners, I will try to find blood alterations produced by this wonderful and florid season that is spring. So let’s put aside the proverbs, and let’s get down to the facts.

Test 1

 March 30The first and clearest test, is the time shift. Nothing affects our bloodstream more than sleeping an hour less, and also Sunday, which usually coincides with the day of long run. So surely that day we will find the blood well altered, and the sleep quite broken.

But on the other hand, if we do not go running, the blood will not disturb us, it will relax us. Since we will stay in the bed, resting, and watching quietly pass on Sunday from our armchair, hammock, or favorite place.

Test 2

March 30Secondly, we have the pleasant spring temperatures. That is to say, as soon as we are at 25º like three days later we fall below zero, and a snow falls. Then our blood boils, but not of the emotion, rather it is due to the fever of those colds so opportune that we catch ourselves before a competition. And that break our preparation.


But on the other hand, it is true that if we do not cool, with these temperatures so low, our blood does not change. Rather it remains in a state of absolute rest, lethargic, not altered. We got into bed and did not go out until further notice.

Test 3

It gets dark later thanks to the time change, and the days are getting longer, then we can delay our training. We got home later, showered later, ate dinner later, and fell asleep watching TV. Then at 3 in the morning you wake up disoriented and altered in the armchair. Summary, startle and alteration, which affects our poor blood.

But on the other hand we stopped running in the dark, or with frontal. With which we will stop falling, make us hurt, bleed, that is, our blood will not be altered.

Test 4

March 30The plants bloom, and with them blooms our allergies, causing that the running is almost impossible. Due to the respiratory alterations that we suffer, and end up, we can say, derived in blood alterations.

But this flowering makes us less run, because we spend more time in the garden to take care of the plants. But you do not think that this does not alter the blood. On the contrary, it alters much more, we get in a worse mood, we grumble, and everything for not running. Then in this case, the alteration of the flowering is double.

Test 5

Spring favors the secretion of pheromones, which helps an increase in sexual desire. So when we go running, and we cross so many people on the street, parks, … Our sexual desire is increasing proportionally to our blood alteration. And surely we will come home with an urgent need for a cold shower.

But if we run on the mountains, alone, surrounded by mountains, deer, crickets, … maybe we return with our sexual desire completely off. Since seeing only stones does not help much, and our blood will relax.

Test 6

March 30

With spring it comes more races, look where you look, you see races, you get excited, your blood is altered, so does the wallet. And you think of the summer, how close it is, and the vacation you will not enjoy, if you are going to race it. With that the alteration sanguine it’s transformed in water, and at the end: alteration little, or very little.

With what in the end as a conclusion, we can say to runners like any other human, the blood alteration of spring, is a proverb that is as true as false. It will be up to each of us to alter or relax ourselves, and to have a not quiet or quiet spring. So you already know runners, spring training and career alters, and happy March 30.

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