Interview to Zaid Ait Malek

This time we have ventured to interview the always charismatic mountain runner Zaid Ait Malek. Good morning Zaid, the first thing is to thank you for spending some of your time in us. And we hope not to be taking a break from training for the interview.  The first thing…

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Anecdotes from the run. Episode II. The easy downhills in trailrunning

Yes, it is true that everyone who has run a trail running race, we have suffered the easy downhills of which I speak. After 18 km up and down, and only 6 km from the end, we find, when we believe that everything is finished, one of these falls. In which…

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Matalpino Pedriza Anterior, an incredible path

The title of this route as you could have guessed, is obtained from the site from which the path leaves and the place through which it runs. Matalpino Pedriza Anterior, is in summary, a route that leaves of Matalpino, to enter in the Pedriza Anterior, and return again to Matalpino.…

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Interview to Mike Wardian

Good morning Michael, the more important thing for our readers it’s to known Who is Mike Wardian? I am an endurance athlete with a passion for exploring my limits and then shattering them. What moment of your life do you decide to start running? I decided start running my junior…

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VIII Race to Jardines de la Granja

The VIII Race to Jardines de la Granja, is a short mountain race, very short, it does not reach 7 kilometers, but it should also be said that it is very intense. If you freak out the race almost finish while you’re still running inside the Jardines. This year, for…

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